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The Best Custom Team Scavenger Hunt

By   Virtuelly Experiences

Experience Details

  • 2 hours

Taking the classic scavenger hunt to the next level! Instead of looking for objects, teams compete in a series of picture clues, challenges and puzzles. What's more? This custom hunt is built around a location of your choice! Some of the clues will be location-specific. A large portion of the clues will be focused on team building. These challenges are inspired by the positive psychology research coming from the Universities at Penn and Stanford. Here is where your teams will think outside the box, learn more about each other and practice gratitude. The last portion of clues will be customized around your team and organization - the history, core values, etc.

What you need to bring to the experience?

  1. Your game face!

What to expect on the day of experience

cityHUNT will create your game around your specific location, customized goals, and company culture. Groups will be split into teams of 4-6 people and sent on a multifaceted adventure designed to create a memorable, bonding experience. The Adventure will be played on the mobile app. A trained Adventure Guide will be provided to referee, coach, and cheer on the participants. When time is up, all of the teams will meet at their pre-determined final location. Your Adventure Guide will tally up all the scores, announce the winners and award the winning team. As soon as your game is finished you will have access to export all of the media from your event.

Cancellation Policy

Full refund on cancellations 4+ weeks in advance

Half refund on cancellations 4 weeks in advance

No refund on cancellations after 3 weeks in advance

Additional Information

The per person price books a Classic Hunt by default, which includes a 2-hour hunt. You may choose to upgrade the hunt from the Add-On menu, details as follows: (1) Premium Hunt: 2-hour hunt, includes Challenge round; (2) VIP Hunt: 2.5-hour hunt, includes Challenge round, Multi-Media show next day; (3) Platinum Hunt: 3-hour hunt, includes Challenge round, Multi-Media show on site. This is a fully customizable experience. You may add on a post-game meal with drinks for the whole team. Please reach out to us to know more.


Challenges give each team immediate feedback and maintain participants’ interest, pique curiosity, and keep them actively involved in the adventure. Each challenge will test a team’s ability to work together and will be customized based on your group's preferences.
This is a short, carefully curated slideshow of some of the best content from your event. Built overnight and sent to you the next day to share with your team or shown live (based on the hunt you choose).


Flat fee* $0

Per person fee $99

Total $0.00

*(Exclusive of Taxes)

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