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The Ultimate Team Challenge - Create your own Mural

By   Virtuelly Experiences

Experience Details

  • 90 mins

Create your own large team mural, paint it yourselves, and hang it in the office! We will guide you through a turn-key process of creating your own custom image for your team, including your logo, theme, inspirational image, or whatever you decide. We will then create a large team mural divided into individual canvases for painting. Our “paint map” technology makes it easy for artists of all levels to accomplish a stunning image worthy of the office lobby! Inspire a “we are one” theme as folks are surprised when all of their individual canvasses come together to create one giant team mural!

What you need to bring to the experience?

  1. Wear clothes and shoes you don’t mind getting paint on if possible. Aprons and Gloves will be provided to all!

What to expect on the day of experience

We will be in small teams of about 4 people each. Each team has the paint colors they need, and a “paint map” guide, to make painting their individual canvas easy. Once the canvases are completed, a variety of ways are available to assemble them into a giant mural. You can surprise participants with a reveal of the assembled mural, or make it a team puzzle to assemble them correctly. Either way, your entire team will share a fulfilling art experience with a spectacular final result and a one-of-a-kind takeaway.

Cancellation Policy

Full refund on cancellations 4+ weeks in advance

Half refund on cancellations 4 weeks in advance

No refund on cancellations after 3 weeks in advance

Additional Information

All paint supplies, paint, canvasses, protective gear, and other materials required, including creation of custom team image for the mural, creation of giant team mural from custom image, printing of image divided into individual canvases, a custom selection of paints for each team and an onsite program lead will be provided to your team. Venue charges are not included in the prices.


We require a minimum of 30 days for the entire process.
Yes, for larger groups we recommend multiple murals. One large mural for about 50 people is ideal.
Yes. We provide coverings for the tables, and around the tables on the floor for a hassle-free experience.
Yes. Please reach out to us at hello@virtuelly.com for more details.


Flat fee* $900

Per person fee $95

Total $900.00

*(Exclusive of Taxes)

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