Virtual Murder Mystery

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Experience Details

  • 90 mins

A variety of guided Virtual Murder Mysteries that challenges and entertains small teams. These interactive and 360° panorama experiences have everything your team needs for an engaging and enjoyable activity.

What you need to bring to the experience?

  1. A laptop with Zoom downloaded

What to expect on the day of experience

Before the game begins, each member will be given a character with all the information necessary for the role. You will be given instructions as to what your goals are in order to properly explore the murder and suspects. An intro video will start things off, then your team will be brought into break-out rooms to discuss and investigate.

Cancellation Policy

Full refund on cancellations 4+ weeks in advance

Half refund on cancellations 4 weeks in advance

No refund on cancellations after 3 weeks in advance

Additional Information

Our murder mystery parties generally last for 1.5 hours, as they include three rounds of gameplay and an award show at the end, based on Costume/ Best Performance, etc. We allow for a 15-minute window of start time to be flexible for you and your guests. There are several different Murder Mysteries, please inquire for more details on which one may be most suitable for your group.

How it works

On booking confirmation, we will email you a Zoom link with all the details.

About the Host


Flat fee* $0

Per person fee $30

Total $300.00

*(Exclusive of Taxes)

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Laszlo Bogardi

August 8, 2022

It was a fun session, thanks!

Laszlo Bogardi

August 8, 2022

It was a fun session, thanks!

Alessandra Malerba

August 8, 2022

loved the energy :)

Alessandra Malerba

August 8, 2022

loved the energy :)

Laura Xhaferaj

August 8, 2022

Great energy and fun game